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5 Online Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing has moved from something some businesses did to something every business must do.  It can attract people to your business, increase traffic on your website, and help you brand your company and its products or services.  If you have just started marketing online, here are a few strategies that can help you plan ahead and make the online marketing you do work well for you.

1. Start Small

Before you dive into internet marketing head first, dip your toe into the water and start with something like a web promotion plan.  Once you have an effective web design for your business, develop a strategy to change and update your website.  Then, promote it anywhere and everywhere you think relevant.

2. Rankings

Once your website is everything you want it to be, you will want to look into SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques.  These strategies use keywords and other factors to help your website rank higher in the major search engines.  That way, when someone searches for a particular word, they are more likely to run across your company.

3. Email Marketing

As you begin to build marketing strategies, you will also want to build a relevant email list.  You can place a form on your web page and have people sign up for emails from your company for starters.  You can also buy email lists or gather the information from your customers and potential customers in other ways.  Once you have a good list, use it in an effective manner to tell customers about sales, special deals, promotions and other things.  Make sure you only send out relevant content or you will just annoy receivers.

4. Focus on Content

One way to get people to visit your website on a regular basis is by publishing content that is relevant to them and to your business.  This content might get listed as a news story in other areas of the internet, which can drive more traffic to your website.  You should also write online press releases and other items to draw more viewers to your site.  The more often you change your content and the more relevant it is, the more people you will be able to draw.

5. Interact with Visitors

There are a number of ways you can allow visitors to your site to interact.  You want to make sure that you are listening to your customers on a regular basis.  Start a blog and allow visitors to comment on the things you say.  Ask customers who have “liked” your Facebook page to comment on certain products or services.  Allow customers to fill out a feedback form on your website.  The more interaction you get from your customers, the better.  You can learn what you are doing right and what you might need to change and your customers will feel you are listening to them, which will cause them to trust you.

There are a number of online marketing strategies you could put into place, but using the above few will give you a good start.

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Tight Budget? Try These Online Marketing Tips

Internet provides endless opportunities for online marketing. With the introduction of technologies (such as mobile apps, cloud computing, etc) and social media, creating an online business and maintaining it is easier than ever.

The internet is a storehouse of lots of information and customers often have to search to find what they want. You know you have a great product (or service) and it is competitively priced. But how are you going to get this information in front of your customers and at the right time? This can be a challenging job. If you are a small online company, you would not have a lot of money to spend on online marketing (Pay per click, professional SEO). So how are you going to make sure that your customers will find you? Here are some online marketing tips.

Understand who you are marketing to

Unless your audience is clearly defined, you will be speaking to the wind and whatever marketing plan you have, will not be successful. Ask yourself these questions and reflect on them.

Who is going to buy your products?

What will be their age group?

What are their interests?

How much money can they spend?

Goals must be occasionally reset

How are you looking to gain from online marketing? Do you want increased awareness? More revenue, perhaps? Your goals may be many, but you have to keep track and measure how successful your work has been. When initial goals have been reached, set other goals.

Decide on a budget

Now that you have clarity on where your market lies, plan the budget. The best thing about marketing your online business is even when the budget is tight, you can get success. Putting all your energy into free online marketing may not be a good thing. Understand what marketing outlets have the potential to bring business and invest in them carefully.


There is the competition and then there’s you. You have to make your company distinct. There are many others like you who are trying to sell their products/services online. So how can you make your brand stand out? Decide on the image you want to portray for your business. Work on a strong media presence. Make time to interact with your customers and work on relationship building.


If you don’t understand SEO well, it can be time consuming and complicated. But making your website appealing to search engines is very important, especially if you are a small business. If you do not do it properly you will only be wasting time. Read up resources on the web. If you can stretch your budget a little more, hire SEO experts.

Did you try any of the above tips? Share your thoughts below.

A brief introduction to affiliate marketing

If you are the owner or the moderator of a site that has substantial traffic, you can use this to your advantage and generate revenue. Affiliate marketing program is a system where you offer to advertise the products or services of whoever you affiliate yourself with. Depending on the agreement that you made with your affiliate, you will be paid a commission. A lot of people have used the affiliate marketing program to generate a lot of revenue.

The type of ads that you are required to display depends on whether you are taking the decision or you let the affiliate you are associated with dictate the terms. If you have a website with excellent traffic, you have a good chance of earning substantial sums of money through affiliate marketing.

Banner ads and text ads

Usually, the advertisements displayed on your site will be banner ads or text ads. Of course, you will have to make the provision for displaying these ads on your website, in the source code. You might have to contact your web developer for this. All these ads will have a hyperlink to the affiliate site. When a user clicks on the ad, he/she will be redirected to the affiliate’s website

Revenue calculation in affiliate marketing

There are three main ways in which revenue is given in affiliate marketing. They are Pay per Click, Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale.

Pay Per Click: As the name suggests, you will get paid when a visitor to your site clicks on the advertisement and visits the advertiser’s site. You might get the impression that this is the most lucrative option as you will be paid every time someone clicks on the links on your site. But the truth is that there are a number of factors on which PPC revenue depends, the most prominent of which is the bid price. That is the reason why earning a substantial revenue in PPC marketing needs some experience and skill.

Pay Per Lead: If the redirect from your site to the advertisers’ manages to generate a lead, like a contact, email subscription or file downloads, you will be paid a commission. This is by far the most lucrative revenue model in affiliate marketing.

Pay Per Sale: In this revenue model, you will be paid only if the redirect from the advertisement in your site manages to generate a sale. Pay per Sale manages to generate bulk revenues in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a slow but lucrative business proposition. The key is to ensure that you remain committed to increasing the rankings of your web page and have patience. The revenue will come in automatically.

Mistakes to avoid in online marketing

 You’ve set up an online business. What’s next? To bring clients and customers on board, you have to market it. Note that without marketing, all your efforts will go in vain. Most online business owners realize that websites are very important to connect with their clients. In fact, many customers expect a business to have a website.

Before you start marketing online through your website, here are a few points to ponder over.

Have a common webpage for all your visitors

Your homepage should point people to the information they came to see, without delay. Most companies serve several market segments; therefore they may have a collection of products (or services). While one customer benefits from a particular segment, others will not.

Your goals should be to help your customers find the right page quickly. For example, you have a company that sells computer peripherals but you also have a web hosting business. Your website can be divided into two areas, catering to specific customers. The thing is, when everything is collected at one place on your website, your customers will be forced to search for information relevant to them.

Landing pages are generic

Visitors to your website, who have come through a pay-per-click advertisement, should see relevant information only. It can often be difficult to find the exact thing you are looking for, online. If a customer arrives through a PPC and he or she does not find relevant information on the landing page, there is a high chance that you might lose a sale. Also think about displaying an offer, to give your prospects an added incentive to buy from you.

Copy should be nicely written

The content that you show on your website is important for online marketing, because through it you can build credibility and trust with your customer. Since your customers are not able to see you in person, they are going to rely on what you have written about your company. When the copy is poorly written or is otherwise uninformative, it is akin to a sleazy and uninformed sales representative. A nicely written sales copy can get the customers rolling in.

Sales messages are missing (once the customer starts shopping)

It has been seen that close to 60% of the orders that start online are not completed. There are many customers who will fill a shopping cart (online) and then on second thought, simply abandon it.
One way to prevent this is to hit the customer with sales messages, till he or she finally checks out. Even the check out page cannot be sterile.