What To Learn from A Bad Customer Service?

When I feel exhausted at work, I like to face the window and look at the horizon. One day, I was feeling hungry; I looked at the street and noticed this well-known fancy chicken restaurant, then I thought about getting something from there to eat ….. “We need you now for a meeting!” says my college at work to cut my line of thoughts.

Day after day the same scenario happens, making me feel more excited to visit the restaurant and eat there instead of ordering a delivery, and the day came … I made it to the restaurant!

Once I opened the door, I found 2 villagers sitting and eating, I wondered am I in the wrong place? I stepped forward to the cashier to order and I was number 3 in the line; 2 minutes later it was my turn but some guy stepped in front of me and the cashier took the order from him. Am I in the wrong restaurant?

I wasn’t disappointed yet; I ordered my sandwich and sat somewhere waiting for it until a kid with a filthy tray having my poor sandwich on it showed up. That’s when I became disappointed!

I didn’t want to ruin my day more; I started to eat it and decided NOT to visit this restaurant or any of its branches ever again.

What can you learn from that?

The outside look can attract customers to your door, but the quality of service is what will keep them coming back, nothing else!

If you try to get a huge number of low paying customers you would normally provide lower quality and less professional customer service, this will kick out your high paying customers, that you “believe me” really need!

You need to invest more in your first line support, sales representatives or receptionists because they are who welcome and keep your customers inside. This will be your success factor.

Low paying customers can easily post a bad review for trivial things, but if a high paying customer does, it will cost you more!

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Shady Al Aref is an entrepreneur since 2002. He has worked for several corporations as an I.T. Guru and invested money and experience to grow ARMINDS during the past years.

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