Learning From Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but how many of us can learn from them? Only the open minded among us. How can we kick away our arrogance and control our stubborn minds to be able to learn and change track?

You need to change your perspective towards the “Mistake” concept; avoid the thoughts that tell you that mistakes make you weak, less confident and unreliable. They do if you can’t learn from them. Consider those mistakes as your direction signs.

For example, a car driver who doesn’t understand the “don’t turn left” sign will probably hit another car. If the other car driver was polite, he will call you a blind. Think again… Are you blind? If you saw the sign again and did the same mistake then you are. That’s why you should redirect your perspective according to the mistake flag.

Most of us refuse to learn from mistakes specially in front of the same group of people, we think they will consider us vulnerable and hesitated; believe me only weak people will think this way, while normal people will be impressed by how flexible and open minded you are; Moreover insisting on your opinion that was wrong, will lead to more mistakes … give it a try!

If you adapt and become flexible, people you haven’t meet yet will know the new personality of you which learnt from mistakes and avoided them, they will see a better person who inspires them and would love to gain experience from him. You will be a leader!

History proves that the greatest leaders in the world have well identified their mistakes and they could act on them to generate more victories and success stories, write your own success story now …!

What is the biggest mistake you have learnt from? And How it could make you better? Share your experience with us in the comment area below.

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Shady Al Aref is an entrepreneur since 2002. He has worked for several corporations as an I.T. Guru and invested money and experience to grow ARMINDS during the past years.

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