Looking For A Good Web Host?

The key to a stable website is choosing the right web host. Commercial web hosting has become a key service in the modern-day business landscape where companies big and small understand just how important it is to reach out to the million-odd online user base. Your target audience is lurking online – your website can grab them! To do this, you need the support of a reliable web host. What should you look for in such a provider? Here are some useful pointers.

Access speed and reliability

When a prospect cannot access your site because it is down, think about the lost opportunities. A good web host can guarantee that your site will be available online at least 99% of the time. If web hosts have not specified the uptime rate, enquire about this from them or at least do some research to find out if there have been any complaints regarding this.


Good web hosts will allow you to host your own domain. This is necessary, because otherwise your website will be parked under a sub domain. A sub-domain will not look very professional if you are serious about your business.  Also look for these additional services: FTP accounts, unlimited parked/sub domains, email accounts, etc.

Disk space and bandwidth

If you are running a small website, especially if you are just starting out, you will not need a large amount of disc space or bandwidth. A normal website needs about 100-200 MB of disc space. If you are planning to stream movies or music on your website or you expect a lot of visitors, then you will need a good amount of bandwidth too. The web host should be able to provide you a hosting package that meets these requirements.

Address growing needs

Another important feature is how many domains the provider will host for you. If you are planning to get only one website, it will not matter. But if you want to expand sometime in the future, look for a web host who can facilitate this.

Shopping cart/SSL

If you are also going to conduct business through your website, make sure that your web host provides a shopping cart and SSL. Note that you may have to invest more to get these services.

Application hosting

A good web host will also give you access to a number of applications that you can use to improve your visitors’ experience. They will allow you to set up a blog, while providing access to content management systems. They will even provide platforms to set up an e commerce portal on.

Technical support

Customer support is another important feature. The best commercial web hosts will offer 24/7 all-year support. The web host should be reachable through a number of ways like email, phone and live chat. The staff should also be knowledgeable and courteous. It makes sense to read customer reviews and testimonials to make an informed decision.

Let me know how do you search for web hosts only, share your experience below.

The Importance Of A Website For Small Business

It is no secret that online presence is a must for any business, big or small. Yet, some small business owners do not have websites for their business. The trends that are followed in today’s markets are defined online and if you do not have your own business website, you end up missing out the benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why small businesses should have websites.

An online identity

What do you do when someone mentions a company name or a product name? You would quickly look it up on the web. And that is exactly what your prospective customers would do when you tell them about your company. But if you do not have a website of your own, the search will not return any results. Without a website, you have no chance of creating an online presence. This is practically fatal in today’s market where reputations are built and destroyed online.

Generate leads

Websites are great for generating leads. There are a lot of activities that you have to do in parallel to having a website to generate leads. But getting a website created and updated is the first step. When a potential client performs a search that is related to the niche of products or services you have to offer and your website listing appears in the search results, you never know which hit might turn into a potential business opportunity.

Point of contact

Websites are also great for being a universal point of contact. You can ask your website developer to create a contact form that both clients and potential employees can use to get in touch with you. Also, you can add a section in the website that contains the contact details of your business like postal address and phone number. This will be always accessible for anyone who wants your contact information at any given point of time.

As an introduction

Websites are go-to places for people who are looking to find out more about you. So, if you design your website effectively and ensure that the content has a good impact, you can portray a great first impression to someone who is looking to find out more about you. This will go a long way in not only establishing a reputation but also retaining it.

As a platform for announcements

You can also use your website to announce any developments in your company and also advertise your achievements. These announcements play a key role in acquiring new clients and talent to your company, ensuring that the growth is continuous and substantial over a period of time.

5 Tips to Grow Online Business

Being an online entrepreneur can be really tough since the internet market grows on a daily basis. But starting and even growing an online business can also lead you to great success if you do it right.  Here are a few tips to help you start and grow an online business successfully.

1. Ideas are worth nothing

When it comes to starting and operating an online business, a great idea is worth nothing at all unless you take action on it.  Once you have a good idea, you need to think it through and then do something about it or it will not do you any good at all.

2. Sell processes

When you have an online business, you might sell a specific product or service, but what you are really selling is the entire process.  Whether you have a blog, an online store, or a specific service, you need the entire experience for your viewers and customers to be something they enjoy so that they will return.  Look at the entire experience someone might have with your business and you will be much more successful.

3. Watch for copycats

If the site you build starts a trend, gets copied, or if the products you have on it get cloned, it is a sign that you are doing something right.  If no one copies what you are doing, you might want to look into things you might be doing wrong.  Make sure you have everything in line in terms of copyright infringement so that you do not have to deal with too many legal hassles and then enjoy the sign that you are on the right track as others start to copy you.

4.  Watch for trends over traffic

Many online entrepreneurs become obsessed with the amount of traffic they receive.  Instead of watching for traffic, you need to look at trends.  Is your site growing?  Do you have a steady number of visitors?  You can judge your success much more easily when you look at percentages and not direct number of visitors.

5. Love what you do

If you do not like a particular idea yourself, but feel it would probably make a lot of money online, you should perhaps consider looking for a new idea.  You might make some money, but without your enthusiasm behind the idea, you will likely not work on the site and business as hard and the entire interlude may not last long.  The best projects give you thrills and make you money at the same time.

Having an online business may not be easy, but it is something that can absolutely be successful, even in today’s exploding online market.  Weigh your idea with care and move forward only with things you love and truly believe will work.  Then, build your business in a steady manner and watch the profits begin to pour in.

Web Hosting Market in 2014

There are many trends that you can see occurring within the web hosting market over the course of 2014.  Some new web hosts might be alluring, but they are not the right answer for every site or organization’s needs.  Despite the boom of the cloud over the past several years, in some cases, these growth trends may be reversed as organizations turn to more functional or flexible hosting options. Companies should carefully consider their needs and annual budget limits when selecting a web host to meet their requirements.

Cloud hosting

One of the trends you might see in 2014 is cloud hosting simplification.  Web hosts will have plenty of technologically savvy individuals buying their services, but what they will want is to grab the attention of less technically savvy professionals in decision making roles within leading organizations.  To compete, cloud hosting providers should strive to help people understand how the web hosting industry works to gain buying authority.


Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, describe portions of service contracts whereby terms are defined. When it comes to web hosting, SLAs often outline the level of service the customer can expect in terms of relative dedicated time, the number of users that will be supported and ongoing schedule for maintenance type updates. While these contracts do provide value to the end-customer, concerns have been building regarding whether they are too restrictive and non-enforceable by the client. When it comes to selecting a web host in 2014, transparency will be a key factor in the decision maker’s choices.  Everyone buying a service will want a fair, open deal.  More companies will likely rid of the SLAs in order to accommodate customers.

Cloud servers

Since web hosting is becoming more and more diverse, it will also become more available and affordable.  The power of servers has been steadily increasing which has created a more even playing field between industry competitors.  Web designers will soon be able to render huge amounts of content at very high speeds on low level computers.  This means that anyone can participate in website design from almost anywhere.

Smaller staff

Since web hosting is becoming much more simple as the years go by, some companies may consider reducing the size of their IT departments. Fewer dedicated professionals will be required to maintain ongoing technology needs.  Instead, companies can dedicate tasks to marketing professionals, thus cutting back on organizational overhead expenses. When it comes to customer service, expect the representatives to speak to you in a language you understand and not something technologically over your head, even if you do not feel you  know much about technology and web hosting in general.

Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

Reselling web hosting is a process in which you buy the web hosting resources from another hosting service provider in bulk and host websites on your own for other customer. You purchase a fixed amount of bandwidth and hard drive, then, you resell the space by dividing the bandwidth and hard drive space into smaller parts. This process is a gaining popularity over the past 5-6 years. This method has proven to be a lucrative business opportunity for many.

Obtaining reseller’s rights

If you want to resell the web space, you will have to first check if the web hosting service provider allows reselling or not. While reselling a web server, you need special administration panels, control panels, and hosting resources. All these are not provided by all web hosting service providers. Usually, only web hosting service providers who sell web hosting space in bulk offer this type of reseller’s rights.

How is web hosting reselling profitable?

There is no restriction on who can resell web hosting. There have been examples of entrepreneurs who resell web hosting space on their own terms and generate revenue. The trick here is to adjust the terms and conditions and tweak the settings such that you not only generate the investment that you made on purchasing the web space from the wholesale seller but also profits. You have the freedom of creating your own brand name and using it to market the web hosting services you are offering.

No need of intensive technical knowledge

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need extensive knowledge to start a web hosting reseller business. The control panel that you have to moderate requires knowledge on basic operations. The vendor from whom you purchased the web space on a wholesale basis is responsible for the availability and maintenance of the servers and ensures its optimum performance. All you have to do is advertise your services and find customers which in itself is a challenge.

Challenges in reselling web hosting

The competition is your biggest roadblock in reselling web hosting. There are a number of established vendors and resellers that you are competing with. You should advertise extensively, which again requires more investment. However, there is always a huge demand for web hosting services. If you manage to do it properly, you can generate substantial revenue.

Are you a successful web hosting reseller? Share your story below

How To Grow Your Business?

For two years I have been waiting for my garden plants to grow as expected, I had no time and I wasn’t dedicated enough to water them every day regularly; but I kept waiting for results.
Sometimes I water them twice per week and other times I leave them without water for a full month. But I kept waiting for results! Am I doing what I have to do? Is there something wrong with the plants themselves? I didn’t know until my brother decided to take it over from there.

One day after a very busy month, I came back from work and didn’t recognize my garden; it is full of grown plants! What happened? It is dedication.

My brother kept watering them for a full month everyday morning with an adequate amount of water, and voilà … We have a garden!

Running a business requires dedication, commitment and patience. You should do all efforts to maintain your product or service quality in order to keep your current customers, and be innovative with a constant marketing campaign to get new customers. That can’t happen if you do as I did with my plants, you should follow my brother’s lead.

If you can’t do everything, or have a certain weakness, hire it. Yes, you need to hire all your weaknesses and focus on your strength points. You might be good at marketing and not good with math, then hire an accountant; you can’t do everything on your own … got it?

Once you and your employees reach the adequate level of dedication and commitment, you only need to be patient and soon you will enjoy your garden … your business success.

What To Learn from A Bad Customer Service?

When I feel exhausted at work, I like to face the window and look at the horizon. One day, I was feeling hungry; I looked at the street and noticed this well-known fancy chicken restaurant, then I thought about getting something from there to eat ….. “We need you now for a meeting!” says my college at work to cut my line of thoughts.

Day after day the same scenario happens, making me feel more excited to visit the restaurant and eat there instead of ordering a delivery, and the day came … I made it to the restaurant!

Once I opened the door, I found 2 villagers sitting and eating, I wondered am I in the wrong place? I stepped forward to the cashier to order and I was number 3 in the line; 2 minutes later it was my turn but some guy stepped in front of me and the cashier took the order from him. Am I in the wrong restaurant?

I wasn’t disappointed yet; I ordered my sandwich and sat somewhere waiting for it until a kid with a filthy tray having my poor sandwich on it showed up. That’s when I became disappointed!

I didn’t want to ruin my day more; I started to eat it and decided NOT to visit this restaurant or any of its branches ever again.

What can you learn from that?

The outside look can attract customers to your door, but the quality of service is what will keep them coming back, nothing else!

If you try to get a huge number of low paying customers you would normally provide lower quality and less professional customer service, this will kick out your high paying customers, that you “believe me” really need!

You need to invest more in your first line support, sales representatives or receptionists because they are who welcome and keep your customers inside. This will be your success factor.

Low paying customers can easily post a bad review for trivial things, but if a high paying customer does, it will cost you more!

Learning From Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but how many of us can learn from them? Only the open minded among us. How can we kick away our arrogance and control our stubborn minds to be able to learn and change track?

You need to change your perspective towards the “Mistake” concept; avoid the thoughts that tell you that mistakes make you weak, less confident and unreliable. They do if you can’t learn from them. Consider those mistakes as your direction signs.

For example, a car driver who doesn’t understand the “don’t turn left” sign will probably hit another car. If the other car driver was polite, he will call you a blind. Think again… Are you blind? If you saw the sign again and did the same mistake then you are. That’s why you should redirect your perspective according to the mistake flag.

Most of us refuse to learn from mistakes specially in front of the same group of people, we think they will consider us vulnerable and hesitated; believe me only weak people will think this way, while normal people will be impressed by how flexible and open minded you are; Moreover insisting on your opinion that was wrong, will lead to more mistakes … give it a try!

If you adapt and become flexible, people you haven’t meet yet will know the new personality of you which learnt from mistakes and avoided them, they will see a better person who inspires them and would love to gain experience from him. You will be a leader!

History proves that the greatest leaders in the world have well identified their mistakes and they could act on them to generate more victories and success stories, write your own success story now …!

What is the biggest mistake you have learnt from? And How it could make you better? Share your experience with us in the comment area below.

Be Your Own Boss Now

That is a very catchy phrase you see on most of money making websites. You feel so excited when you read it then shortly become frustrated once you think about it. How will I make money and be my own boss?

On those sites, they blow your mind with a huge amount of fake ideas that will help you sell “Air in a Bottle” after making a small payment on their order form. This will help them make money, but definitely will not help you!

Lost interest?! Please don’t. The good news is we can help you to know how exactly you can make money.

The key factors to make money online are:

  1. A product or service to provide.
  2. A place to offer and sell the product or service.
  3. A shopping cart and a payment gateway to accept money from your customers and deliver the order.

Let’s discuss those factors in more detail.

Now, suppose you have an annoying boss who thinks you should work for him 24 hours 7 days a week. How will you get enough time to make a product or be available to provide a service with your own hands and skills?

To succeed in making money in a tight schedule in order to fire your boss, you need a service that requires not much time on the long run. A lot of researches and articles confirm that the best service that can fit into the time limitation criteria is providing web hosting services as a reseller.

Yes, that’s true! And below is a short list of benefits:

  • Web hosting is a service that sells itself.
  • Being a web hosting service reseller is very low in cost.
  • You can be a web hosting reseller and get support directly from your vendor, so there are no technical skills or too much time required.
  • Being a web hosting reseller, you will sell the services online without requiring a physical location. You can work from the comfort on your own home!
  • Using a shopping cart and a payment gateway, you can get paid by your customers easily in no time. We recommend 2Checkout which will allow you to accept payments through your website including an option to accept PayPal payments.
  • And much more benefits.

By taking into consideration the above benefits and more, you can have so much hope that you can be your own boss very soon by selling a real thing; get a good reputation and prestige among your friends, family and customers around the world.

An alternative to web hosting reselling is an Affiliates Program, if you have no time to monitor your web hosting business, you can simply make money getting by referring customers.

Do you think you can make it? Do you believe in your abilities? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Make Your Employees Your Success Partners

As a business owner, your main goal is to grow your business!

Sometimes, you imagine yourself relaxing on the beach having other people run your business for you and the only job you are doing is to collect money. Once you feel that way, you need to reconsider the idea of running a business.

One of the major goals of a business is to make profit of course, but you should earn it. In order for your business to stay up, you have to feel it, smell it and let your soul push the wheel. Inspire your employees and let everyone of them feel the passion that you have. Otherwise, you may risk ruining the whole thing. Why?!

Most People work for money, some of them love what they do, but no one cares about your vision the way you care about it. That’s why if you hire people just to work as robots for a monthly salary, you will end up having angry customers, lost sales and messed up departments because they get bored, get used to the salary you gave them and take it for granted.

So, what can you do to avoid?

Here you are some Ideas:

1.Speak From The Bottom Of Your Heart:

Always speak with passion and show how excited you are about the ideas or goals of the business.

2.Share Your Vision

You should care about how your employees see your vision. Ask them about their inputs, and make them feel as your success partners. Then celebrate the success with them and share the credit on different channels.

3.Give Recognition And Praise

While celebrating your business success and achievements you should mention and praise everyone who gave efforts and showed passion while pushing the business wheel. This will give your employees the feel that they are running their own business by working for you.

4.Encourage Opinions And Ideas

Don’t underestimate your employees’ opinions and ideas, set regular meetings to gather thoughts and listen carefully to their brainstorming results. You will get surprised how loyal they became to your business.

5.Make Your Employees Proud

Create a style for your business. This can be a cool slogan, unique decoration or a flexible environment with all means of fun “Take Google environment as an example”. Your employees will feels home and enjoying what they do.

Consider those ideas and do your own research to be able to keep your business up. If someone promises you a long lazy life on the beach after 2 years of running your own business, just do what he says. He is right!