How can ARMINDS help you?

ARMINDS is brand of brands that I have built to achieve the company mission to empower people’s minds. In ARMINDS I focus mainly on creating contents, tools and products that educate and help people achieve their goals in life.

ARMINDS is utilizing its tech infrastructure and resources to build the brands that should help to reach the ultimate goals of the company.

Below are the currently live brands


Aref is a brand that consists of 2 websites, Aref Online & Aref Academy.

Aref Online is dedicated to provide awareness to people in the middle east struggling to reach any financial or intellectual goals in life. It helps them discover the online marketing and e-commerce field, and eventually start their online businesses.

Aref Academy was a natural outcome of starting Aref Online. Because the audience needed more structured and organized educational material with detailed steps and on-screen tutorials. So it was created to provide a distraction-free area were people can learn and engage with the content without the social media distractions. And then lead Aref Online audience from the getting started phase to the growth of a profitable online business.

Aref educational and motivational pieces of content are provided through:


Is a brand dedicated to help exiting online business owners who work from home “I call them Online Homepreneurs” to achieve work-life balance and succeed in both of them.

Nazzam means Organize in Arabic, and its value is provided through: